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Kendra Stout had been working as a zookeeper for ten years when she made the alarming decision to quit her steady job and plunge head first into the world of Professional Nerd Artists. The fact that several responsible people tried to gently explain to her that this may not, in fact, be the most excellent of plans did not deter Miss Stout, who has been soaring effortlessly on a cloud of artistic success and definitely not hiding under a clothes rack in her closet while suffering from mild to severe panic attacks every time she checks her bank statement.


Miss Stout prefers a life of seclusion to pursue her artistic muse, a state that is almost indistinguishable from preferring a life of seclusion due to poor social skills and general weirdness. She is rarely seen in public. When she does make appearances, it is usually at various Nerd Conventions, where she can be seen weeping quietly to herself or breathing heavily into a paper bag. If you see her, it is best to pretend like those are totally normal reactions for a grown woman to be having and carry on as usual.


Kendra Stout has also done design work for the Neil Gaiman licensed merchandise line "Neverwear", the boardgame "Bring Out Your Dead", and one time showed Jeremy Renner a picture she had drawn in her sketchbook that said "I love Hawkeye!" surrounded by many hearts.

Website for artist.
Artist Kendra Stout.
Artist draw all the good things yes.
Artist live in Athens, Ga.
And has beans in pants.
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